Avon, Connecticut

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FIFA's Laws of the Game

Avon Soccer Club Rules of the Game

LAW IV - Players' Equipment

  1. Shin guards, shirts/jerseys, shorts, socks, and approved footwear (shoes) all are required. Note: shin guards must be fully covered by the socks.
  2. Players may not wear dangerous items, including jewelry, watches, bracelets (even soft, woven bracelets). The referee has sole discretion to determine the safety of any item. It is prudent for coaches to inform players early in the season before the first game that they should remove these items prior to coming to the field of play.

LAWS V and VI - Referees and Assistant Referees

  1. U8, U10, Intramural games will be assigned one Referee. (S)he may use club Assistant Referees as desired. U12, U14 Intramural regular season games will be assigned a CReferee and 2 AReferees. U12, U14 Intramural tournament games will be assigned one CReferee. U8, U10 Travel games will be assigned one CReferee.
  2. Game ejections (red cards) must be reported to the Supervisor of Refereeing within 24 hours of the action.

LAW VII - Duration of the Game

  1. All Intramural regular season games will play, U8 (4) 12 minutes quarters, U10 (4) 15 minute quarters, U12-U14 (2) 30 minutes halves.
  2. All Intramural tournament games will play 15 minutes half.
  3. Teams will not switch halves of the field after each quarter; they will switch at the half-time.
  4. The clock will not be stopped during the game, but the referee should add time for stoppage of the game.

LAW VIII - The Start of Play

No changes.

LAW IX - Ball In and Out of Play

No changes. Coaches should note that the whole of the ball must completely cross the boundary lines for the ball to be out of play.

LAW X - Method of Scoring

No changes.

Law XI - Off-side

There will be no offside called in the U8 games. Referees should note if there are specific players who are "goal hanging" and advise the coach that this is not considered appropriate and is against the spirit of the game. A referee may caution (yellow card) a player who is continually goal hanging.

LAWS XII-XIV - Fouls & Misconduct, Free Kicks, Penalty Kicks

  1. In the U8 games there shall be no direct free kicks or penalty kicks. All kicks due to fouls or misconduct shall be indirect free kicks. No indirect free kicks may be taken within the goal area by the attacking team; the ball should be placed on the goal area line which runs parallel to the goal line, at the point nearest to where the offense was committed. The defending team awarded an indirect free kick from an offense committed within the goal area may take its kick from any point within the goal area.
  2. In the U8 games, prior to taking an indirect free kick opponents must be 6 yards away from the ball; for goal kicks opponents must be 10 yards away from the ball.

LAWS XV - Throw-in

In the U8 games a second throw-in must be allowed if the player commits a foul on the initial attempt. The Referee shall explain the proper method before allowing the player to re-throw.

LAWS XVI-XVII - Goal kick, corner kick

No changes. It should be noted, however, that coaches should instruct players that the ball simply must be on the line of the arc. It need not be entirely within the arc for a corner kick; ball must be within the goal area for a goal kick.